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(Paper Maps)


Paint Shop Pro by JASC, Inc. was used for final manipulations.
Images were saved as .TIF files using LZW Compression Technology.

Windows or third-party imaging software can be used to view these files.

Maps from 1998–2005 were scanned using a Contex Large Color Format Scanner at SBC Computer Systems.
Maps from 2006–Present were scanned using an Ideal Large Color Format Scanner.


Scanning Information

  • 1998 Maps: SBC Computer Systems / John O. Ferguson Jr.
  • 1999 Maps: John O. Ferguson Jr.
  • 2000 Maps: Jamie Talerico / Ryan Price
  • 2001 Maps: Ryan Price
  • 2002 Maps: Ryan Price
  • 2003 Maps: Ryan Price
  • 2004 Maps: Ryan Price
  • 2005 Maps: Ryan Price
  • 2006 Maps: Ryan Price

Final Manipulation and Posting of Internet Tax Maps, Database Updates & related file updates 
found at this website unless otherwise noted done by:
John O. Ferguson Jr., Monongalia County Mapper

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